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World Fit Walk 2020 – Important Information – Cancellation

Dear Students and School Leaders,
Dear WF Buddies and Friends,

because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many schools are closing throughout the USA. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the World Fit Walk for 2020. Instead, we will focus on our software and ways in which we can make the World Fit Walk even better in 2021!

Stay healthy!

Gary W. Hall, M.D.,
Director of the World Fit Walk

World Fit® is a walking and exercise program for elementary and middle school students in grades 3 through 8. World Fit’s mission is to eradicate childhood obesity and improve children’s health and attitude towards fitness.

World Fit® is a six-week, school-based walking and exercise program designed to encourage physical activity for elementary and middle school students in grades 3 through 8. Olympians and Paralympians act as mentors and adopt schools in the program to teach students the importance of lifelong fitness and the Olympic values of perseverance, respect, and fair play.

Since the first World Fit Walk in 2009, 108,813 students from 103 different schools across America have logged in a total of 9,184,210 miles during the six-week program!

For Schools

Join our World Fit program! Let’s get our youth fit and healthy. Registration for the spring World Fit Walk will begin in the fall. Click here to request additional information if your school is interested in joining the World Fit movement.

For Partners

Join World Fit and make a difference! We need your help to make an impact on the childhood obesity crisis! Click here to request additional information.

World Fit Walk 2019 – Results

Congratulations to the 2019 National Champion Dwyer Middle School from Huntington Beach (CA)!
They have been on the podium the last two years and climbed all the way to the top this year! John H. Eader Elementary School & Sowers Middle School from Huntington Beach (CA) are completing our podium of the 2019 World Fit Walk.

Thanks to all the schools and teachers that continue to support the World Fit Walk and help us spread the word about healthy lifestyles all over the US!

More detailed results of this year’s walk are available at http://www.worldfit.org/world-fit-walk/results/twenty-nineteen/

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