Haley Davis

Haley Davis featured WF StudentHi my name is Haley Davis. I am 13 years old, go to Coolidge Middle School, and I am very athletic. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and I run track. I have many goals in life. Like getting straight A’s, playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I hope I get a scholarship in one of those things and play it in college, get a good job, and buy my own house.

The sport that meant a lot to me in the Olympics was soccer. This is because I have played soccer since I was four, so pretty much my whole life. I have soccer 4 to 5 days a week. What can I say, I love soccer.

I can’t really say that anyone in the Olympics meant a lot to me these past two years. But in 2008, there was someone. Her name is Hope Solo. She got to fly to China to play soccer in the Olympics with the U.S. women’s soccer team. They did really good, but then they got knocked out by Brazil. Even though they lost, it was ok, because she was still my hero. I look up to her because she is an amazing goalie. I have gotten to see her play in two soccer games, up close, and it was awesome!! I got my picture taken with her, and she signed my soccer ball. That meant the world to me!

World Fit was the best thing that could have happened to my school because it inspired not just me, but my fellow classmates too. It inspired people to get up and be active instead of sitting around watching television. I was so happy to see people actually outside playing sports and having a lot of fun. I was happy when I won World Fit, but anyone could have done it. All they had to do was to try really hard, and put some heart in to it!

By: Haley Davis – October. 12. 2010

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