We believe that World Fit is a sustainable program because it is very low cost, participation is affordable and available to virtually all middle school students whose school is registered, and because it generates a fun, healthy competition among students and schools. To date, most of the work and effort for World Fit has been done on a volunteer basis. A grant of $20,000 was provided by the Crean Foundation to offset some of the pro-bono work done on the website in the first year and an additional $15,000 was provided by the Crean Foundation for operations in the second year. Part of the cost for awards has come from the Century Council. All other funding has come from private donations.

For 2012, the goal of World Fit is to reach 250 schools and over 60,000 students. In order to do this, funds will be required to hire more staff to educate schools and service them during the Walk. Funding for the administration, student awards and Honorariums for Olympians will be vital for long-term success of the program.

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