Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia, World Fit StudentI was born in Washington State and I like to play a specific sport and that is soccer. All of my family plays soccer, when I play soccer I feel like I am flying. At Ririe Middle School in Idaho, World Fit has helped me because I can play soccer and get fit. I think that World Fit was a motivator to me to keep on going and I like to play sports. My family including my brother, mother and father like to play basketball and sometimes soccer but that doesn’t stop me.

I also like to play video games but in my house I can only play on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday if we do not go to church.

There is something funny about this and that is I would rather play ball than play video games. After I did the World Fit program I felt motivated to be more active and I can proudly say that World Fit has changed my way of life.

Jonathan Garcia

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