Welcome to World Fit!

World Fit® is a walking program for elementary and middle school students in grades 3 through 12 which includes teachers, family and friends. Olympians and Paralympians will adopt your schools to mentor and teach you the importance of lifelong fitness and the Olympic values of perseverance, respect, and fair play. Our mission is to eradicate childhood obesity and improve children’s health and attitude towards fitness.

Since the first World Fit Walk in 2009, 23,614 students from 43 different schools across America have logged in a total of 2,872,900 miles during the six week program! Our national average daily logged miles walked this year were 3.3 miles per student over the entire 40 days. Next year, we hope to surpass that record.

Please join our World Fit program and get an Olympian or Paralympian on your team! Let’s get our youth fit and healthy in America. Registration for the spring World Fit Walk will begin in the fall. Until then, keep exercising and logging in your miles every day on this website.

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