World Fit Walk

The World Fit Walk is the heart of the World Fit program. Each year, the Walk begins on the Monday following Spring break and continues for the following six weeks. Daily, students who participate in the World Fit Walk will log their miles via the website, The miles will be totaled for each student daily and automatically when entered throughout the Walk. Each student will have the opportunity to compare his or her miles with other students and schools in their region.

There are three ways in which miles are credited to a student. First are the miles that are  walked on campus. These miles must be walked on a designated course on campus and must be supervised by school staff. The course could be the perimeter of the school or around a track, if the school has one, or some other course on campus. In each case, the course will be measured for distance. If the course is a half-mile, for example, then the student must divide the number of laps by two to reach the number of miles walked. If it is ¾ mile, then two laps would equal 1 ½ miles walked, and so forth. It is important that students enter miles and not laps, however, as each lap may differ in length for each school.

The second way to earn miles is through the World Fit Buddy system. Buddies can include teachers, parents, siblings, staff members or friends; virtually anyone who is not a student in the Walk. Any student registered in the Walk is permitted to accept 1/2 of the miles logged in by any Buddy who is also registered. Buddies can donate their miles walked with the student on campus or they can donate their exercise or sport credit miles accomplished any time that day, if they are not able to be at school for the Walk. Once the Buddies log in their daily miles they simply send them to the student of their choice. The computer will accept half of them for the student.

Third are the sport credit miles. Sport credit miles are awarded to students who participate in sports whether on campus or off campus. The miles credited for each sport are based on four categories of aerobic exertion. Category five sports are the most difficult and for these sports the student is awarded five miles for each hour of participation. Category four sports are awarded four hours per hour of participation and so forth down to the least aerobic sports, category two. The computer will automatically calculate the equivalent number of walking miles for each sport you enter. If your sport is not listed, ask your athletic director to help you choose the closest sport to yours and list that one. If you are still not sure, email us at

Each day, the student will log in his or her campus miles and sport credit miles for the World Fit Walk with either a computer or cell phone. If a student forgets to log in one day, then one can go back and fill in the days that were not logged in. However, one can only fill in days from the day of registration going forward. If a student enters the Walk half way through, for example, he or she can log miles from this day forward only.

On weekends, campus miles are awarded for walking only when under school staff supervision. Students can still be credited for walking, however, under sport credit miles at a rate of three miles per hour. All other sport credit miles are awarded on weekends the same as any other day. Buddy miles can be awarded for any walking or sports done by the Buddies.

Students who average a minimum of ten miles per week throughout the six week Walk (60 miles) will receive a beautiful World Fit certificate signed by the Olympian, Paralympian, Principal and Activities Director, recognizing their achievement. Students who achieve 120 miles will receive a President’s Active Lifestyle Achievement Award certificate as part of our partnership with the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. Buddies who are over 18 years of age will receive the same certificate for achieving 60 miles in the six weeks. 25 Olympic-style medals will be given to each school to award to their best performing students.

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