Two-time Olympic Cyclist, Giddeon Massie

It can be taken for granted because we do it each day, but walking is one of the best and easiest forms of Giddeon Massieexercise available to most. So over the next few weeks, add an extra step or two or ten every day, or even twice a day, and see how quickly they add up!
I am a two-time U.S. Olympian in the sport of Track Cycling. I’ve garnered gold and silver medals at the Pan American Games and amassed more than 20 National Titles over my career. I now work as a Real Estate agent but retain strong ties to the cycling community, and I frequently volunteer visiting and mentoring students at local schools in Orange Country and LA County through organizations like Ready Set Gold!, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Hope Sports, to name a few. 
Giddeon Massie
US Olympian 2004, 2008
Giddeon Massie
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