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Once you have registered your school for the World Fit Walk, we will have to work together to get your students registered as soon as possible!

To save you valuable time, we will import all of your students into our database. To do this we will need an electronic version of your data. Please contact someone at your school’s administration or IT office for help with this process and don’t hesitate to contact us at webmaster[at]worldfit[dot]org, should you need any further assistance.

How to register your student body?

We will need the following mandatory information of all the students of your school participating in the walk: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Grade, Student ID

You can also create usernames and passwords (we will use the student ID to make it easy for the kids to remember) for your students. However, if you wish, we can do that part of the registration process for you.

This information should be sent to us via email to webmaster[at]worldfit[dot]org in either an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or CSV (comma separated values) format. Below you can download a sample Excel spreadsheet where you can enter or paste your school’s data.

Once we have received your data file, we will work on getting your school set up and ready for the walk. You should hear back from us with your student list within a couple days.

Student Data Example

GradeFirst NameLast NameGender (Boy/Girl)UsernameStudent ID

Download sample Excel spreadsheet: StudentImportTemplate

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