2016 Results – Overall – Small Schools

Total Students Registered for World Fit Walk 2016 : 12,694
Total Miles Logged for World Fit Walk 2016: 1,345,837

The National Champions are determined by Average Miles Per Student over the 40 days of the walk in two different categories, small and large schools. Small schools have up to 500 students and large school have more than 500 students. We also award participating schools as a gold medal (average 3.0 miles per day per student), silver medal (1.5-2.9 miles) or bronze medal school (less than 1.5 miles per day).

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Overall – US – UK

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Overall (US & UK Small Schools)

By Average Miles Per Student Per Day

RankSchoolTotal Miles LoggedMiles Per Student Per DayStatus
1.St. Philip’s Episcopal School – Coral Gables FL (USA)16’7116.1Gold
1.Armitage C of E Primary School – Manchester (UK)2’4576.1Gold
3.Head Place – Manchester (UK)5’9284.9Gold
4.L’Etoile French Immersion School – Portland OR (USA)4’2464.2Gold
5.Hudson Middle School – Sachse TX (USA)62’0604.0Gold
6.John Shelton Primary School – Coventry (UK)31’5503.9Gold
7.Oswald Road Primary – Manchester (UK)4’2123.8Gold
8.H.E.A.R. – Rockwall TX (USA)2’0433.6Gold
9.Saint Christopher School – Speedway IN (USA)12’9213.1Gold
10.Longford Park Primary School – Coventry (UK)2’2171.8Silver
11.Ringway Primary School – Manchester (UK)1’6411.4Bronze
12.SCAPA Bluegrass – Lexington KY (USA)14’2181.3Bronze
12.The Westwood Academy – Coventry (UK)26’8761.3Bronze
14.Agnes L. Smith Elementary – Huntington Beach CA (USA)21’7271.2Bronze
15.Henley Green Primary School – Coventry (UK)6’1521.0Bronze
16.St Osburg’s Catholic Primary – Coventry (UK)4’2960.6Bronze
17.Spon Gate Primary School – Coventry (UK)4’8220.4Bronze
17.Clifford Bridge Academy – Coventry (UK)3’8830.4Bronze
19.Lyng Hall School – Coventry (UK)2’3380.2Bronze
20.Crawford Middle School – Lexington KY (USA)2’4680.1Bronze
20.St Agnes – Manchester (UK)5080.1Bronze
20.Whoberley Hall Primary School – Coventry (UK)8760.1Bronze
23.Howes Primary School – Coventry (UK)1050.0Bronze

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