Water Polo Olympian & Silver Medalist, Jaime Komer

Even though my Olympic sport takes place in the pool, walking is one of my favorite things ever. So you know I’m excited about World Fit Walk! This special event brings us all together outdoors for a festive and fun competition. I’m looking forward to taking part and cheering you all on! 
Jaime Komer
I’m an Olympic Silver Medalist and 2-time World Champion in the wild sport of Water Polo. If you’ve ever seen or played water polo, it’s like a blend of basketball, soccer and hockey, but in the water. As a goalkeeper, I’ve spent thousands of hours treading water. Even when I was training 6 hours a day when preparing for the Olympics, I still found walking to be so helpful for my body and mind. 
Here’s 3 things I love about walking:
1) Bringing friends along to chat with.
2) Going for a walk on my own to clear my head, especially after a tough day
3) Spending time in nature (another favorite thing of mine) by being outside and often by trees. 
How about you? What do you like most about walking? Do you like walking with your friends or on your own? Maybe try out both and see how they feel to you. 
Congratulations to each of you for taking part in World Fit Walk, you are one-of-a-kind and absolutely amazing! 
Jaime Komer
Jaime Komer
Olympic Medalist
Health & Wellness Coach
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