Why donate to World Fit?

We are very happy that you want to join the World Fit family as we work with our children to develop healthy lifestyles. Your participation will help make this possible.

Kids, like the rest of us, look up to heroes. They model their lives on the basis of what they see their heroes do and listen carefully to messages they deliver. World Fit wants to use heroes in a way to help our kids develop an active and healthy life style.

Olympians and Paralympians are uniting in an effort to end childhood obesity. We believe that this is an achievable goal and your contribution to World Fit is critical in helping us achieve this goal. School by school, student by student, we will reach our youth with inspiring messages from Olympians, Paralympians or Olympic-caliber athletes. We will mentor them through a six-week walk and sports program that will help shape their future into a healthy habit of daily exercise.

The World Fit Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve children’s health and teach the important Olympic ideals. The World Fit Walk is an annual event that is successful, sustainable and cost-effective. It includes students, teachers and families in a fun, interactive program with a common goal.

At a cost of less than $500 per school, World Fit has the potential to reach millions of children. Every gift we receive will help us reach more of our youth. Won’t you sponsor or help sponsor a school?

Thank you, again, for making this important gift to the World Fit Foundation. It may be a cliché but our children are our future.

Yours in Health,
Gary W. Hall, M.D.

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