2013 Results – Miles Per Student Per Day

Total Students Registered for World Fit Walk 2013 : 31,324
Total Miles Logged for World Fit Walk 2013: 1,867,478

The National Champions are determined by Average Miles Per Student over the 40 days of the walk in two different categories, small and large schools. Small schools have up to 500 students and large school have more than 500 students. We also award participating schools as a gold medal (average 3.0 miles per day per student), silver medal (1.5-2.9 miles) or bronze medal school (less than 1.5 miles per day).

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Miles Per Student Per Day – State – Corporate Partners

Large Schools

By Average Miles Per Student Per Day

1.Beaumont Middle School – Lexington KY225,5615.0Gold
2.Sam Tasby Middle School – Dallas TX76,0343.6Gold
3.John B. Hood Middle School – Dallas TX100,1983.1Gold
4.Southern Middle School – Lexington KY71,8042.7Silver
5.Lexington Traditional Magnet School – Lexington KY72,1312.5Silver
5.Key Largo School – Key Largo FL53,6002.5Silver
7.Morton Middle School – Lexington KY70,7792.3Silver
7.Rapid Run Middle School – Cincinnati OH59,9852.3Silver
9.Winburn Middle School – Lexington KY53,2512.1Silver
9.T.C. Marsh Middle School – Dallas TX103,0322.1Silver
11.Jessie Clark Middle School – Lexington KY69,9772.0Silver
12.Cesar Chavez MS – Oceanside CA39,3041.4Bronze
12.Shenandoah Middle School – Miami FL64,4481.4Bronze
14.Leestown Middle School – Lexington KY25,6581.0Bronze
14.South Gate Middle School – South Gate CA104,7841.0Bronze
16.Tates Creek Middle School – Lexington KY30,1110.9Bronze
17.Forrest – Philadelphia PA19,7200.8Bronze
18.Nautilus Middle School – Miami Beach FL28,7610.7Bronze
19.Bryan Station Middle School – Lexington KY12,4950.6Bronze
20.Bridgetown Middle School – Cincinnati OH10,9090.4Bronze
21.Baldi Middle School School – Philadelphia PA10,8850.2Bronze
22.Watkins Elementary School – Washington1,8540.1Bronze
23.Delhi Middle School – Cincinnati OH24,9000Bronze
23.Solvang Elementary – Solvang CA9460Bronze
23.Coral Shores High School – Tavernier FL1440Bronze

Small Schools

By Average Miles Per Student Per Day

1.Cary Middle School – Dallas TX107,2016.3Gold
2.HEAR – Rockwall TX9,4095.3Gold
3.Frank Davidson – Phoenix AZ80,2644.5Gold
4.St. Albans City School – St. Albans VT16,2783.1Gold
5.Williams Middle School – Rockwall TX23,9932.8Silver
6.St. Patrick School – Miami Beach FL16,5522.5Silver
7.Jonata Middle School – Buellton CA20,2902.4Silver
8.Camarillo Heights – Camarillo CA17,7452.3Silver
9.Creek and Spot Bay Junior School – Cayman Islands2,5812.2Silver
10.Tohatchi Middle School – Tohatchi NM15,7142.1Silver
10.L’Etoile French Immersion School – Portland OR1,0252.1Silver
12.Hudson Middle School – Sachse TX31,3392.0Silver
13.Belding Elementary School – Chicago IL18,9461.7Silver
13.Saint Christopher School – Speedway IN7,3901.7Silver
13.San Xavier – Tucson AZ4,8871.7Silver
13.Fitler Academics Plus – Philadelphia PA15,9351.7Silver
17.St. John – Tucson AZ6,5891.4Bronze
17.Elizabeth Learning Center – Cudahy CA11,8281.4Bronze
19.St. Ambrose – Tucson AZ6,9751.3Bronze
20.John Marshal – Philadelphia PA18,6681.2Bronze
21.Crawford Middle School – Lexington KY18,0011.0Bronze
21.SCAPA Bluegrass – Lexington KY10,4861.0Bronze
23.Santa Ynez Elementary School – Santa Ynez CA7,2720.8Bronze
23.Plantation Key School – Tavernier FL8,4560.8Bronze
23.Treasure Village Montessori – Islamorada FL1,8270.8Bronze
26.Glenn Duncan S.T.E.M Academy – Reno NV3,2610.7Bronze
26.Los Olivos Elementary – Los Olivos CA4,2530.7Bronze
26.Gompers – Philadelphia PA6,5730.7Bronze
29.Caroline Elementary School – Staterville Springs NY2,2720.6Bronze
29.Mccall – Philadelphia PA9,2630.6Bronze
31.William Meredith School – Philadelphia PA6,1400.5Bronze
32.Ann Richards Middle School – Dallas TX2,6210.4Bronze
32.Sir John A. Cumber Primary School – Cayman Islands4,9430.4Bronze
34.C.J. & Anne Hyman Elementary – Dallas TX3,6190.3Bronze
35.La Paloma (south) – Tucson AZ1,0320.2Bronze
35.Santa Cruz – Tucson AZ1,4710.2Bronze
35.Eldorado K-8 – Superior CO4,2780.2Bronze
35.Pierre Indian Learning Center – Pierre SD1,0460.2Bronze
39.Sparks Middle School – Sparks NV3370.1Bronze
39.Ted Hunsberger Elementary School – Reno NV9090.1Bronze
39.Oak Valley Elementary – Buellton CA7100.1Bronze
39.Island Christian School – Islamorada FL3080.1Bronze
39.Anna B Pratt – Philadelphia PA3790.1Bronze
39.Pennrose Elementary School – Philadelphia PA1,1000.1Bronze
39.Stuart-Hobson MS – Washington1040.1Bronze
39.Lancaster Elementary – Lancaster NH530.1Bronze
39.Prospect Primary – Cayman Islands10120.1Bronze
48.Rancho Solano Preparatory School – Gilbert AZ740Bronze
49.Red Bay Primary School – Cayman Islands7070Bronze

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