Christopher Gurrola

Christopher Gurrola - Elizabeth Learning CenterChristopher Gurrola is a 15 year old 9th grader at Elizabeth Learning Center in Cudahy, California. His favorite physical activities are Soccer, Volleyball, and Water polo. Presently, Christopher participates in a competitive Soccer League, in which he competes in rigorous tournaments on the weekends. He also enjoys Motor cross and off-roading with his family and friends. Christopher is active at least 5 day a week for over 60 minutes and likes to vary his fitness routine.

Aside from being an enthusiastic athlete, Christopher is part of ELC’s technology academy and his favorite subjects are English, Algebra, and Physical Education.

During the World Fit Walk last year, as an eighth grader, Chris logged in over 1,800 miles. His motivation and positive attitude inspired his classmates to participate and log in their miles as well. He said the best part of World Fit was making new friends with other students from ELC while walking the World Fit route in the morning, during lunch, and in Physical Education class. He especially looked forward to walking the route with his “Buddy” Isaac Contreras who donated many miles to Chris. In addition, Chris said the website was really cool because he was able to keep track of his progress, and it was easy and fun to log his miles. Chris also enjoyed the friendly competition, as he was highly motivated to log his miles almost every day to ensure he remained as a top walker, and to track the school’s ranking as well.

Christopher’s experience with World Fit was very positive. He said the highlight for him was the support the students’ received from ELC’s Principal, Sharon Sweet. Not only did she become Christopher’s “Buddy”, but she also recognized Christopher’s effort and dedication to World Fit by awarding him and the top walker from 6th and 7th grade, by treating them to lunch at a Restaurant to congratulate them for their accomplishment in the World Fit Challenge. In addition to this, he was ecstatic and so proud when we announced that Elizabeth Learning Center was the National World Fit Champion with 94,589 miles under the small school category.

Christopher recognizes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and participating in programs which help prevent childhood obesity. Between the ages of 11 and 12 years old, Chris became overweight and did not feel good about himself. He decided to make a change in his life, which was to lose weight and eat healthy. With the support of his family, they began to eat healthy meals such as Cesar Salad and limit sugary drinks such as soda. He loves water!! They also began walking together to support Chris in his fitness goals. As Chris began to achieve his fitness goals, he was able to join sports teams, move faster, and feel confident about himself. Chris is now a great athlete and in the healthy fitness zone!!

Christopher was also inspired by our Olympian Cathy Marino. He said he has the utmost respect for her, in the fact that she was the first female firefighter in Orange County and how she overcame many obstacles to make things possible. Her encouraging words motivated Chris to work hard, to not give up, and to follow his dreams. He is ready for World Fit Walk 2012 and more enthusiastic than ever!

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