What is a World Fit Buddy?

A World Fit Buddy is anyone who wants to participate in World Fit, but is not a student registered in the World Fit Walk. Buddies may be teachers, staff members, parents, siblings, grandparents or just friends of fitness. As a World Fit Buddy, you will register separately from the students, but you have the option of donating half of your daily miles to any student registered in the World Fit Walk during those 40 days. A registered student can accept Buddy miles from as many World Fit Buddies as the student can recruit. Buddies can donate their miles to any student they select that is registered in the Walk.

As a World Fit Buddy, we would like you to walk on campus with the students if you can. Not only will you get the exercise, but you will also get the opportunity to talk. If you cannot do that, you can still count your Buddy miles for your walking, sports or exercise any time you can do it during the day, either as pedometer miles, measured walking miles or sport credit miles. If you wish to donate half of your Buddy miles to a student, just send them to the student each day after you have logged them in.

Any Buddy who is over 18 years of age and logs in over 60 miles in the 40 days of the World Fit Walk is eligible to receive a President’s Active Lifestyle Award certificate. Just email us with your total miles after the Walk and we will mail you the certificate if you qualify.

Any home-schooled student can also participate in the World Fit Walk as a Buddy and can donate half of the logged miles to any student registered in the World Fit Walk.

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