Kaitlin Sandeno

Kaitlin and her sister Kamlin have started a swim team in Orange County with a different approach. Their goal is not to see how many more Olympic stars they can produce, but rather to see how many young children they can get fit. The idea is to get and keep kids active in the sport they love, swimming.

Mechelle Lewis

This blog is about my life. My experiences. My point of views. The way simple actions in life can have the most extraordinary effect. The way the most ordinary person can do the most amazing things. Realize that it’s the simple things that can affect life and people in the most Extraordinary ways!

Caryn Parmentier Davies

I was 13 years old, tagging along behind my father in a local grocery store, when a large man walked up, pointed his finger at me, and said “I want YOU for rowing!” As a tall, lanky young girl, I was apparently easily identifiable as possessing potential to be a star rower. That was my unexpected introduction to the sport of rowing.

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