Press Release: Goddard Middle School Joins National Movement to Fight Obesity

More Than 100 Schools Register for 3rd Annual Event to Combat Childhood Obesity Littleton, CO (April 26, 2012) – Nearly 30,000 middle school students across the country, including many from Goddard Middle School, are participating this spring in the third annual World Fit Walk, a six-week program inspired by local Olympic, Paralympic, and other high-level athletes to help promote health and...

Gary Hall: World Fit Walk 2012

Gary Hall Sr. Olympian, Swimming 1968, 1972 and 1976 World Fit 2012 is under way with over 80 schools in 18 different states registered and ready to start walking and exercising in the six-week competition. We are expecting over 30,000 students to be participating in the Walk this spring, plus their teachers, staff, family members and friends. For forty straight days the World Fit students and...

Kim Macklin: World Fit in Texas

Kim Rhodenbaugh Macklin Olympian, Swimming 1994 World Fit has been a blessing not just for our Middle School but also for me. After many years of swimming I was so burned out that I didn’t want to do anything for many years. It’s been hard reprogramming my brain to exercise for health reasons instead of competition. World Fit has reminded me that I need to take care of my health. ...

Sarah Hughes: World Fit in New York City

Sarah Hughes Olympian, Figure skating 2002 New York City is home to many things, one of them being yellow taxi cabs. But this morning, as my mom and I prepared to make the eight-mile trip downtown, the pouring rain meant we couldn’t find one for 20 minutes. They were all occupied. Finally, after getting an empty one, it took us an hour to make those eight miles. So in effect, we learned the...

Julie Isphording: World Fit in Cincinnati

Julie Isphording Olympian, Marathon 1984 The Impact of World Fit is Breathtaking One Child at a Time It’s amazing how our lives can sneak up on us. When we’re young, all we want is to be older. We wanted time to pass quickly. Getting older was going to be a great thing. And then – oh good – we get exactly what we want. Whammo! We wake up, and suddenly we are old. Very old. We’ve...

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