Program Description

The World Fit Program includes the following five components:

1. World Fit School Adoption

Olympians and Paralympian are paired with schools in the region where they live.

2. The World Fit Walk

Beginning on a Monday after spring break and ending six weeks later (typically about two weeks before school ends), students participate in a daily walking program, where the numbers of miles walked (or jogged or run) will be logged each day on the World Fit website. Students who are participating in other sports or exercise programs (swimming or soccer for example) will be credited miles for their participation according to their time of participation and the category of sport/exercise.

3. Online Community

The World Fit website is an on-line environment that facilitates interaction between Olympians and Paralympians, families, students, and buddies.

4. World Fit Olympian Mentorship

Olympians/Paralympians visit each participating school during the six-week World Fit Walk to address the student body about the importance of lifelong fitness and good health.

5. World Fit Awards

At the completion of the World Fit Walk program, students who reach milestone goals will receive World Fit certificates and awards for their achievement.

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