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How can my school become part of the World Fit program?

Any school, public, private, or charter can join the World Fit program by simply registering online. World Fit allows students in the 3rd grade to 12th grade to participate in the program. Once registered, we will send you a reminder to re-register in the fall. We will start registering students at the beginning of each calendar year. Buddies can register anytime but their miles will be reset on March 14 every year. Buddies don’t have to re-register.

How do we make sure that the students are honest with their miles logged?

As in the Olympic games, every student who participates in World Fit will be asked to use the honor system. Throughout the Walk, teachers and school staff will monitor the students walking. They will have a pretty good idea of what is happening throughout the six-week Walk.

What if I participate in a sport that is not on your list, do I get credit miles?

If your sport is not on our list, tell your athletic or activities director what it is and what it entails. He or she will then assign it to one of the four categories for credit miles.

Does a Buddy need to be the same person throughout the Walk?

No, you can have a different buddy walk with you each day. Buddies can include parents, teachers, brothers, sisters or any friend who is not registered in the World Fit program.

Can I walk with more than one Buddy?

Yes, you can have as many Buddies walk with you as you’d like. You can also accept Buddy miles from Buddies who cannot walk with you, but still find time to exercise during the day. Our hope is that you recruit as many Buddies into World Fit as you can to help more people get fit.

Can we organize a campus walk on weekends?

So long as teachers or school staff supervise the walk, schools may organize campus walks on weekends. Credit miles are given to students who walk on weekends at a rate of 3 miles per hour of walking, regardless of where it takes place. These credit miles for walking are based on the honor system.

Does the distance I walk between classes count for miles logged?

Unfortunately, since we have no way of measuring distance to class accurately, we cannot count this as part of the miles logged each day. Once you know the walking course or circuit at your school, you can walk laps before, during or after school, as long as you are under the supervision of teachers or school staff.

Once my school is registered for World Fit, how do we get an Olympian or Paralympian assigned to adopt our school?

World Fit will identify an Olympian or Paralympian who will adopt your school. The idea is to adopt your school for life, as long as the Olympian lives in your area or is physically able to come and give you the important message about lifelong fitness.

Can we continue to walk once the World Fit Walk ends each year?

Of course! That is the whole idea. The World Fit Walk ends just a few weeks before most schools end for the summer, so as you prepare for summer to begin, we want you to continue exercising and even better, join one of the Olympic sports programs in your area. Even though the World Fit competition ends after 40 days, our website will enable you to continue logging in and tracking your daily miles for an entire year. The World Fit Walk is designed to get you into the habit of good exercise as part of your life!

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