Schapker Brothers

Matt, Ben, and Joe Schapker are triplet brothers who are 7th graders at RRMS. Judy Hoehn, gym teacher and World Fit leader selected the boys because they are outstanding representatives of the school and tremendous participants in World Fit during the 2010-2011 school year.

Schapker TripletsMatt Schapker

Matt is a good student with a 3.79 GPA who likes basketball, soccer, baseball, cross country and track. His favorite sport is baseball and he is earning all A’s and B’s in his classes.

Matt thinks World Fit is a great program because it makes kids exercise a lot and it inspired him to run.

Ben Schapker

Ben likes to play basketball, soccer, and baseball. He thinks World Fit is good because it gives people the chance to get in shape and it helped him lose some weight. Ben is proud that during the whole year he gained .1 pound.

Joe Schapker

Joe  likes to play lots of sports like basketball, soccer, and cross country. He feels like World Fit is a great program not only because it helps get kids inspired to go out and run everyday, but it also inspired him to do cross country and now he is very good at it. World Fit also keeps kids healthy, active, and in shape.

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