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Ariel Conde

Ariel Conde is a highly motivated 12 year old 7th grade boy. He has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, and has lived in South Gate California his entire life. Ariel enjoys playing soccer and running at least 10 miles everyday. Motivating students is something he looks forward to doing during the World Fit Walk. He sometimes challenges other students to see who can walk/run more miles during World Fit on campus.

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Julian Clark

Julian Clark is a 13 year old seventh grader at Beaumont Middle School in Lexington, Kentucky. Julian is one of 1,050 Beaumont students that together completed 220,882 miles in the 2011 World Fit Walk. World Fit touches the lives of every participating kid to one degree or another. However, Julian Clark is a special story. Julian is on the autism spectrum and has cerebral palsy.

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Vincent Pisacano

At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about the World Fit program, but as the program progressed, so did my motivation to be more active. The World Fit program is a terrific program in which students, parents, teachers, and the whole community pitch in to get their school to the top.

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Annaclara La Grasta

I go to St. Patrick School in Miami Beach, FL. I have a younger brother and two wonderful parents. My dad and brother walked with me almost every day for World Fit. My favorite sport is volleyball, and I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

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Shelby Hill

My experience with World Fit in 2010 was very positive. I logged in over 1200 miles during the event. The activity that I participated in most was track. Everyday I would get on the World Fit web site and log in my miles; it was fun and easy. I had a blast doing World Fit in 2010 and hope that we can do it again next year.

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