World Fit Featured Students

Annaclara La Grasta

I go to St. Patrick School in Miami Beach, FL. I have a younger brother and two wonderful parents. My dad and brother walked with me almost every day for World Fit. My favorite sport is volleyball, and I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends.


Shelby Hill

My experience with World Fit in 2010 was very positive. I logged in over 1200 miles during the event. The activity that I participated in most was track. Everyday I would get on the World Fit web site and log in my miles; it was fun and easy. I had a blast doing World Fit in 2010 and hope that we can do it again next year.


Jonathan Garcia

I was born in Washington State and I like to play a specific sport and that is soccer. All of my family plays soccer, when I play soccer I feel like I am flying. At Ririe Middle School in Idaho, World Fit has helped me because I can play soccer and get fit. I think that World Fit was a motivator to me to keep on going and I like to play sports.


Deanna Cardin

Hi, my name is Deanna Cardin, and I am 13 years old. I go to Coolidge Middle School. I did World Fit last year at school and it helped me a lot. It was fun because it encouraged me to get moving and get healthier. It got my classmates exercising too.


Samantha Morgan

Presently, Samantha is on the girls basketball team at Miami Beach High school where she is still excelling in both academics and sports. During the world fit challenge last year, as an eighth grader, Samantha logged over 140 miles a week walking and playing the sports she likes


Haley Davis

World Fit was the best thing that could have happened to my school because it inspired not just me, but my fellow classmates too. It inspired people to get up and be active instead of sitting around watching television. I was so happy to see people actually outside playing sports and having a lot of fun. I was happy when I won World Fit, but anyone could have done it.


Aleyah Elizabeth Alford

Aleyah logged in over 1,000 miles in six weeks. She gained many of her miles from walking with friends and family members. She also attended an after school basketball program. She is looking forward to walking again this year.


Chas Brubeck

Chas Brubeck was the leading student in the World Fit Walk for 2010 at Beaumont Middle School in Lexington, Kentucky, logging in over 1,000 miles in six weeks. Beaumont Middle School was the National Champion World Fit Walk school for 2010.

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