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Can Anyone Register as a Buddy?

Yes, so long as you are not a student in the World Fit Walk. Students are not allowed to register as Buddies, nor can they donate miles to themselves or other students.

How do I pick a school to donate my miles to?

Once you have registered and start logging your miles, the website will ask you to find a student, if you wish to. You will first choose a school from the drop down window that includes all of the WF schools in the world. Once you pick the school, you can either input the exact students real name (first and last), or you can click on find a student and the website will randomly find a student for you at the school you selected. The student’s screen name will appear, not the real name.

Once I have selected a school and student, do I have to keep selecting that student when I log in my miles?

No. Both the school and the student become a default, which means that they automatically receive half of your miles each time you log in. If you want to change schools or students, you may do so at any time by simply selecting them over again.

When the 40 days of the World Fit Walk competition are over, can I continue to log in and track my miles?

Yes. The program is designed to log and track miles for one year, beginning on March 15. On March 14, your Buddy miles will go back to zero and you begin another year with a goal to Walk further than the year before.

Can I continue to donate half of my miles to my student after the World Fit Walk ends?

You can. The student will receive half of your miles all year until March 15 of the following year. However, only the miles the student receives during the 40 days of the World Fit Walk will count for the school competition.

Do my donated Buddy miles count in the school competition?

They do. We believe that if a student can bring Buddies into the Walk and improve the fitness of the members of the community, the school and the student should get credit for it.

How do I become part of a Buddy Team?

This year, we are testing the concept of Buddy Teams. We have selected some teams around the country from various organizations, including Boys Clubs/Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Rotary Clubs and Corporate Partners. The Buddies on each team donate half of their miles to the school of their choice, but their Team also gets credit. Teams compete to determine which one can donate the most miles to WF schools and the highest average donation per Buddy. Next year, we hope to allow every organization to compete as a World Fit Buddy Team.

How do we prevent Buddies from cheating about their miles?

We depend on using the honor system. However, if we see an unusually high number of miles being recorded per day, we will send an email back to the Buddy questioning the validity of the entries. Repeat offenders will have their entries go to zero miles for those high entries, if we do not get an explanation.

Our school has pre kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. Can our students below third grade register as Buddies and participate in the WF Walk?

Yes! Many schools register their younger grade students as Buddies and then assign a student in the upper grades to them to receive their miles. So long as a teacher, parent or volunteer logs in their miles for them, this is a great way to get the entire school involved in the Walk. Often the younger and older student Buddies will walk together on the campus course.

Are parent Buddies allowed to walk on campus with their child or children during the Walk?

Although each school must determine this, we think it is a great idea and a wonderful time for parents to communicate with their children. We have had many stories of parents that grew much closer to their children because of the bonding that occurred during the Walk.

If I walk around my house or at the mall or elsewhere, but don’t know exactly how far I walked, how do I enter my miles?

If you aren’t sure how far you walked, enter Walking as a sport credit. Then enter the time you walked (by the 15 minute increment) and the computer will convert that to the approximate number of miles.

What if I did an exercise or sport that is not on your list?

Pick the exercise or sport most similar to what you did and you will get the same credit. Send us an email with your sport/exercise and a description of it and we will add it to our list.

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