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Gary Hall USA FlagGary Hall Sr.
Olympian, Swimming 1968, 1972 and 1976

World Fit 2012 is under way with over 80 schools in 18 different states registered and ready to start walking and exercising in the six-week competition. We are expecting over 30,000 students to be participating in the Walk this spring, plus their teachers, staff, family members and friends. For forty straight days the World Fit students and Buddies will show their renewed commitment to walk, exercise and get themselves healthier as part of their every day life.

There are many motivational tools used in the World Fit Walk. Students can earn two certificates, one from World Fit for reaching 60 miles and a second from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition for reaching 120 miles. Each school will receive 25 beautiful World Fit medals to present to the most deserving students. World Fit tries to provide each school with an Olympian, Paralympian or high level athlete to help inspire, motivate and lead its students to a healthier lifestyle. The Walk on school campus also creates an opportunity for students to socialize with other students and teachers, while enjoying being outdoors. When students do return to class they are attentive and ready to get back to work.

Of all the motivational factors in the World Fit Walk, perhaps the greatest is the school spirit. By creating a competition among schools in each community to determine which school has the fittest students by logging in the most miles, school spirit becomes very important in the outcome. The World Fit Walk is one competition where everyone, from grades 3 through 12, gets to participate regardless of age, gender or ability. Teachers, family and friends of students also get to join the competition by donating half of their daily walking or exercise miles to the school. In this manner, the entire community can get into the World Fit Walk competition.

No community has yet demonstrated the value of the World Fit Walk better than Lexington, Kentucky. The Fayette County Public School department has now expanded the World Fit Walk to eleven of its twelve middle schools and this year will have over 7,500 students participating. Most of the teachers and many of the family members there also join in. This year, to prepare for the World Fit Walk, each middle school in Lexington created its own short video. From these video clips, found on the link below, you will see just how important school spirit is in the World Fit Walk. Enjoy and have a healthy Walk this spring!

Yours in health,

Gary Hall, M.D.

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i love the fit walk

Janet Langkop

I am looking forward to getting the McKinney, Texas schools onboard with this program.

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