Micki King: Summer 2009

Micki King Olympic Gold Medalist, Diving 1972 My summer 2009 was pretty special. I knew I planned this summer pretty tight, lots of travel and time on the road.  But as fall hits now and I look back, WOW.  My summer was incredible. INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC ACADEMY (IOA): I was selected as the USA representative to the IOA for a one week academic session at the IOA campus in Olympia Greece. The...

Gary Hall Sr: An Honor That Grows With Time

Gary Hall Sr. Olympian, Swimming 1968, 1972 and 1976 Never have I been more proud to be an American than I was that emotional day in August 1976 when all of the USA Olympic team captains gathered to decide who would lead the world’s greatest athletic team into the Opening Ceremony. I sat in the room dazed by the realization that I was selected for that honor; to hoist the stars and stripes and...

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