Magnus Liljedahl: The Honor System Applied

Magnus Liljedahl Gold medal in sailing, US Olympic team in Sydney 2000 I’m stoked to be a part of the World Fit movement and be able to share some of my thoughts on health & fitness with all of you. I grew up in Goteborg, Sweden, where the winter was dark and cold. I played Ice-hockey like most of the other kids. The summers were short but with lots of day light. I tried some Track...

Dick Tillman : West Shore Junior High, Melbourne, Florida, Worldfit experience, April 2010

Dick Tillman 1976 Olympian (Sailing), 2002 World Laser Masters Champion I have 9 grandchildren, age 7-15. Should be easy to speak to 300 7th and 8th graders about physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, right?  Well, as it turned out, my first experience doing this, to promote Gary Hall’s WorldFit program, was most rewarding. The kids were attentive, motivated, and so far have been doing...

John Carenza : Importance of Sports

John Carenza “Big Jake” Soccer – 1972 It has been a honor for me to have traveled the world representing the U.S.A. as an Olympian. The teamwork, friendships, competition, and participating in Munich – 1972 provided me with great memories. Playing sports has always been kind of a safe haven for me. I wasn’t accepted in the social circles in grade school & high...

John Naber: Joy of Training

John Naber 4 time gold medalist swimmer 1976 Olympic Games. There are two reasons to train.  The first is to accomplish a particular result (break a personal record, win a gold medal, earn a scholarship).  The other is a bit more nebulous: it is to experience the joy of your body in motion; essentially training as its own reward.  When I competed as an athlete, I mainly focused on the...

Willie Banks: President’s Thoughts

Willie Banks President, US Olympians Former Triple Jump World Record Holder from 1985-1995; Three-time Olympian 1980, 84 & 88 Adam and Eve were talking with God when they mentioned that they did not see God often enough, and were prone to fits of loneliness and self doubt, “It is difficult to remember how much you love us when we cannot see you,” they said. “No problem,” God replied,...

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