Steve Mesler

Steve Mesler - 3-time OlympianPresident- Shift210 Consulting
Executive Director- Classroom Champions Inc
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist
2009 World Champion
3-time Olympian

Three-time Olympian Steve Mesler was part of the gold medal winning 4-man Bobsled team in the Olympic games of Vancouver in 2010. This was the first gold medal in Bobsled won by the United States team in 62 years. Steve has earned gold medals for his work on and off the playing field.

Steve began his athletic career at the University of Florida as a decathlete, earning All-SEC Academic honors there. Later, having been raised in Buffalo, NY, he turned to the 4-man Bobsled as his primary sport. He contributed to his team winning gold medals in the World Championships and World Cup in 2009 before going on to win the Olympic gold. Between 2002 and 2010, Steve has won an amazing 39 career World Cup medals.

In 2010, Steve founded Classroom Champions, a program designed to help young students around the country set goals and persevere, using Olympians as mentors and teachers. He is hoping to have 20 Olympians teaching over 50 classrooms before the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia in 2014. His dedication to giving back in the community earned him a prestigious honor from the USOC and an opportunity to present his program at an International Congress of Olympians put on by the IOC. Steve is also an accomplished motivational speaker and has spoken to the staffs of such successful companies and institutions as Deloitte, US Air Force, Hilton, MassMutual and the Israeli Defense Forces. His is actively involved with Make-a-Wish and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

In 2010, Steve adopted City Honors, the high school in Buffalo he attended, to help motivate the students during the World Fit Walk. He gave an exceptional speech and helped inspire City Honors’ students to walk, exercise and live a more active and healthier life. World Fit commends Steve for his athletic accomplishments, but even more for his dedication to his community and other communities around the country.

Athletic Honors:

2010 Olympic Gold Medal 4-man Bobsled (first Gold Medal for USA in 62 years)
• 2010, 2006, 2002- United States Olympic Team Member (Bobsled)
• 2002-2010- 39 Career World Cup Medals
• 2009-10, 2006-07 World Cup Overall Combined Champion
• 2009-10 World Cup Overall 4-man Champion
2009 World Champion 4-man Bobsled (first World Championship for USA in 50 years)
• 2004 World Championship Bronze Medal 4-man Bobsled
• 1998, 1999 All-SEC Academic Track & Field (Univ. of Florida Decathlete)
• 1996 HS National Champion, All-American- Track and Field

Charitable and Professional Works:

• During the 2009-10 World Cup Bobsled season founded the “Back to School Project” now known as “Classroom
Champions” which aims to connect Olympians with classrooms around the country to teach students about Goal
Setting, Determination and Perseverance by using current technology such as Skype, Twitter, and Ning. The program
also aims to provide all necessary technology into participating classrooms, focusing on high-need schools. Through
this program, has spoken at over 40 elementary schools across the country. Current partners include Cisco,
Plantronics and Lululemon.

• Classroom Champions is currently in the application process for 501(c)(3) status and is projecting to have up to 20
Olympians heading towards the 2012 and 2014 Olympic Games involved with over 50 classrooms around the

• Actively involved with Make-a-Wish & Ronald McDonald House Charities.

• An accomplished speaker, having spoken to the following companies (to name a few) concerning overcoming
failure, high performance, leadership and community involvement:

Deloitte, MassMutual Financial, AXA Advisors, US Air Force, Hilton Global Marketing Team, OC Tanner Executive Summit, Israeli Defense Forces, Keynote Speaker at 2010 NSCA National Convention, Transcanada

• as well as the following Educational Institutions:

Univ. of Florida (HHP), Univ. of Florida (Business School), Columbia Univ. (Business School), Cornell Univ. (Business School), Penn State (Business School), Harvard Business School, Stanford (Business School)

• Leadership, Motivational and Sustainability Consultant
• Former Director at McMillan Speed & Strength
• Conversational in German Language